Koshi-no-mawari 腰之廻 (Iaijutsu)

‘Koshi-no-mawari’ translates as ‘around the hips’ in English. Derived from the (even older) Takenouchi-ryū iaijutsu practice bearing the same name, these iaijutsu forms develop the practitioner’s ability to use their main lever – the hips – to generate power behind their sword techniques and operate in a single unified manner. To do this effectively and efficiently takes much practice.

The forms distill a complete system of fencing, designed for the full spectrum of wartime and peacetime scenarios faced by samurai in feudal Japan.

In current times, Koshi-no-mawari is practised as a form of budō – a physical and mental practice to enable greater personal development. It’s practice develops greater focus and mental clarity, and decreases stress.

Thomas Crooks and Peter Williams with Shitama Shusaku Sensei at Sekiryūkan Dōjō in 2018