Distinctive characteristics

Sōsuishi-ryū Jujutsu involves formal practice in empty-handed grappling as well as grappling techniques with a number of weapons. These include the kodachi and bokuto. The syllabus extends to supplementary exercises, and a form of free practice that interweaves with the more stylised elements.

Koshi-no-mawari practice is centred around use of the katana, with broader implications arising from the concepts contained within.

Apart from the rare and historic forms of grappling and sword, Sōsuishi-ryū is distinctive in that it maintains the menkyo grading system. This system predates the dan-i grading system created by Jūdō’s founder, Professor Jigorō Kano. It is also conceptually different, despite its apparent similarities.

Sōsuishi-ryū’s grading system is as follows:

Kyu grades
Sanmokuroku – title of Kyoshi may be conferred
Yonmokuroku – title of Kyoshi may be conferred
Gomokuroku – title of Shihan-dai or Shihan may be conferred

Please note, while awarded in three instances, Sōsuishi-ryū no longer uses the rank of Kuraizume.